The world of investments can be a strange one at times when anything can be an investment as long as it generates a return (either growth, income, or both), the question we ask is should it be part of your portfolio?

We have seen a lot of different types of investments from barrels of whiskey in Tasmania, funeral plots in Cains, and boat moorings in the Brisbane River we certainly dont discount an investment outright based on it being strange, non standard, or just out right wierd. We do however focus on the appropriateness of the investment for both you and your portfolio.

A good question to always ask is, Will this investment enhance my portfolio or will it hinder?

For example an 80 year old super pension client looking for regular income, probably should not have a barrel of whiskey as a part of his portfolio, no matter how much he may like the drink.

At A2Z Finance Solutions (A2Z) we use a combination, very diversified approach to our portfolios and the design of the underlying investment assets, contact us for a chat about your investment portfolio.